Hey World!

Studio: Gentleman Scholar

Role: Cel Animator, 2D Animator

For this project, I had the privilege of working with a team of incredibly talented cel animators. The job included seven spots overall - my main contributions included the sketch > clean linework pass for the entirety of the NASA spot, which was filled in with details by another member of the team while I set up the endtag variations, including creating the cel animated assets and setting up a modular, adjustable AEP for each spot. See the NASA spot below, and scroll a little further for the full set of spots compiled into one!


Above: Responsible for base animation, including sketch to clean linework, for all but the planet fire. Responsible for complete animation of engineer character.



Above: Responsible for cleanup animation, fill and detail over a pre-existing sketch pass. (Dragons only)

Thanks for checking it out! Full credits can be found on the Gentleman Scholar website.