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Studio: Gentleman Scholar

Role: Designer, Cel Animator, 2D Animator

I was lucky enough to see these spots from start to finish - I tried my hand at designing backgrounds and characters for look dev, then did some type design, background character animation, extra cel animation, After Effects transitions, compositing, and the endtags for both spots. I can't take credit for the heavy lifting on these (full credits can be found on the GS website), but the gifs below show the shots I worked on the most - and the spots turned out great in the end! Scroll down to see the two full spots, then scroll a little further to see some look / concept development I worked on at the very beginning.

ABOVE: Responsible for typography design & animation

ABOVE: Responsible for board swipe, camera move, transition, compositing

ABOVE: Responsible for sign+hand animation, some background animation, compositing

below: look development /concept boards for unused directions - click to enlarge!