ABOVE: A book cover design made for one of my favorite recent books, Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer. It follows an all-female expedition into a wild tract of land known as Area X, where the nature seems to have developed a whole new way of working and from which no scientific expeditions ever return. It's super creepy and was so gripping I read it all in one sitting! [digital]

ABOVE: Part of a loose series I like to think of as "Apocalypse Girls", inspired by recent events and the need for the portrayal of powerful women now more than ever. These are the Apocalypse Girlfriends. [digital]

ABOVE: An Emily Carroll-inspired illustration of Astrid Dane, one of the scariest book villains ever, from the Darker Shade of Magic series by V. E. Schwab. A must-read! [digital]

ABOVE: Sometimes you have to remind yourself that despite what happens in your state, or country, or many countries, the earth will keep spinning... Even if it's a desiccated husk because everyone ignored climate change and we killed all the bees. [digital]

ABOVE: One of my favorite quotes / protest signs I've seen recently is from a gay Greek poet named Dinos Christianopoulos, who wrote about his marginalized community in the 1970s. Over time it has become: "they tried to bury us; they didn't know we were seeds." [watercolor on paper]

ABOVE: I was listening to a lot of music by a band called Sleigh Bells late last year, and their song Riot Rhythm never fails to make me want to march around and be a badass. It's the perfect theme song for the Apocalypse Girls. [digital]

ABOVE: One of my favorite book series when I was younger was a fantasy series about a girl named Alanna, who disguised herself as a boy in order to become a knight. She had a cat familiar who sat on her shoulder, and was a total badass. [digital]

ABOVE: Just a girl, chilling in her mansion, petting her tiger friend, in a cute bralette set, living the dream. [digital]

ABOVE: I recently saw a couple videos about biker gang girls in Japan called bosozoku. They're badass and violent and basically just ride around looking fly and causing mayhem, which is all anyone can ask in life. [digital]

ABOVE: Lately I've been really into printmaking - I took a letterpress class in college and loved it, but lacking a huge expensive press myself, I've started carving rubber stamps and hand-printing. It's become a new favorite method for some really fun graphic illustrations! [ink + rubber stamp]

ABOVE: I've always had a huge thing for Greek mythology, and Artemis is one of my favorite characters from the myths. She literally killed a man for spying on her as she was bathing, and doesn't take any shit. [digital]

ABOVE: I have a secret love for typography, and although I haven't been trained in it, I find myself doing a lot of it on the side just for fun. This is a drop cap R inspired by the old painted lettering on some closed down auto shops I saw one weekend on Abbot Kinney. [digital]

ABOVE: The great guys over at TwoFresh studios have an awesome theme of having all their freelancers design a T-shirt to join their collection for sale on their site. This was mine! It was hard to stick to only five colors for printing purposes, but was one of the most fun and personalized assignments I've had in a while, and gave me an excuse to draw yet another badass girl with killer eyebrows. Check it out on a shirt over at TwoFresh.tv! [digital]

ABOVE: Just a modern witchy vampire girl on her way across campus. You can't get paid to do spells anymore, and a girl's gotta eat. [digital]