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Studio: Gentleman Scholar

Role: Cel / 2D Character Animator, 2D Animator

This project was one of my favorite recent jobs. I got to animate about 15 fun walk cycles for background characters, the entire 2D explainer section, and a fish getting sucked into a tube! I was the designated 2D animator for this project, so I handled everything that wasn’t animated in 3D. I loved getting to work on so many different characters! See some of my favorites below, and scroll all the way to the bottom for the full piece!

Above: Excerpts from the short 2D animated section of the video. Created with a mixture of cel and After Effects. Designs by Hana Yean.

Above: Cel animated assets for a 2D/3D character interaction scene - a bus stop conversation and an energetic secret handshake!

Thanks for checking this out! Full credits can be found on the Gentleman Scholar website.