- Honda Civic - 

“The Whole Package”

Studio: Gentleman Scholar

Role: Cel Animator

This project was a great foray into 2D/3D integration. When I came in on the project, the plan was to paint over every single frame of 3D animation, camera moves and all, to get a cel-animated painterly look. I suggested creating cel animated loops of painterly “jitter”, and bringing them into 3D as cards placed in the environment. The idea was well-received and ended up saving tons of time for the cel animation team, allowing us to spend more time perfecting the look and feel of each asset. The end result of the entire project was a really polished 3D environment with a lovely contrast to the painted elements we created. I’m so grateful that both sides of the team were very strong and we were able to create such a lovely end product! Scroll to see just a few of the assets I animated, and the full piece!


Below - Select elements cel animated for use in 3D environments.