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Neema Namadamu - Hero Women Rising

Studio: Visual Creatures

Role: 2D Animator, Cel Animator, Designer

This spot was amazing to work on not only because of the vibrant style, but also because it showcases a badass woman from the DR Congo who set out to break the cycle of female subjugation in her community. Neema Namadamu is definitely a new hero of mine!

For this project, I used both cel and After Effects to animate characters, transitions, and everything else in several sections of the 90 second piece. I also created a large library of animated textures and textural wipes for use throughout the project. For some sections, I helped adjust and make supplemental designs to what the project’s illustrator, Camilla Perkins, created. This project had a very quick turnaround, but the lovely team at Visual Creatures and I worked hard to make it come to life.

Below are some of my favorite excerpts I worked on! Scroll to the bottom for the full piece and a link to the amazing story of Neema Namadamu and the origins of the Maman Shuuja Center.


See the full story of Hero Women Rising on Google here.